Rappin’ Legal Knowledge

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Yo, listen up, I got somethin’ to say

When it comes to the law, you gotta play it their way

Let me drop some knowledge, so you can be in the know

From contracts to taxes, yo, it’s time to grow

How to Cite Check a Legal Brief

First things first, when you’re checkin’ that brief

Make sure you’re doin’ it right, no room for disbelief

Check this guide for step-by-step citation flow

So when the judge asks, you’ll be good to go (source)

Procore Prime Contract

Understanding the prime contract is the key

To avoid legal troubles, so listen to me

Key aspects are important, don’t let ’em slide

Read up on this contract, and take it in stride (source)

How to Close a Church Legally

If you’re lookin’ to close a church, there’s a way

Do it right, no need to delay

Step-by-step guide, so you won’t be misled

Check out the process, clear it from your head (source)

How Many Hours Can You Legally Drive a Semi

If you’re hittin’ the road in a big rig, take note

Legal driving limits, don’t be a scapegoat

Understand the laws, know the deal

So you can drive safely and for real (source)

Law in Force

Legal regulations and requirements, gotta obey

Understand the law in force, don’t lead astray

It’s all about compliance, and playin’ it right

So you won’t get caught in a legal fight (source)

What is Non Ad Valorem Tax

When it comes to property tax, understand the score

Non ad valorem tax, what’s it all for?

Get the lowdown on this type of taxation

So you can handle your property with precision (source)

Termination of Contract Agreement Template

When it’s time to end a contract, have a plan

Legal forms and samples, yo, that’s the span

Don’t get caught in a messy termination affair

Get the template, and handle it with care (source)

What are Legal Formalities

Legal procedures, don’t let ’em get you down

Understand the formalities, so you don’t drown

It’s all about the rules, playin’ it fair

Get the info, so you’re aware (source)

Compare Law Firms

When you’re lookin’ for legal representation, don’t stall

Compare law firms, find the best of them all

Get the right fit, for your legal needs

So you can move forward, and proceed (source)

Required Subjects for Business Administration

If business is your game, study up and be smart

Required subjects for business admin, that’s a good start

Get the knowledge, and you’ll be set

So your business skills will be a safe bet (source)

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