Brain Support Protocol

Many of us wonder sometimes what’s going on with our brains, like when we can’t recall a name that should be totally familiar to us or forget why we went into the kitchen! These worries take on a little more weight as we grow older, because we do know that there’s a natural decline in short-term memory and learning ability with age – a slow, progressive decline. It has even earned a medical acronym: ARMI, for age-related memory impairment.

The good news is that several nutrients and nutraceuticals have been shown to slow cognitive decline and enhance memory and mental performance. I have aggregated some of the best into my Brain Support Protocol.    

Brain Support Protocol CORE supplements:

Neurothera (take one, twice daily) is a great combination product incorporating amino acids, as well as all the most scientifically-vetted nutraceuticals for brain support.

The curcumin in Cogumin SCLP (take one, twice daily) crosses the blood-brain barrier.

The B vitamins in Methyl Balance (take one, twice daily) lower homocysteine and boost brain metabolism.

Phosphatidylserine (take one, twice daily) is a mainstay of memory formulas.

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Brain Support Protocol BOOSTER supplements:

DHA from fish oil is key to infant brain development and protects seniors (take one, twice daily).

Magnesium (take one, twice daily), as threonate, has also been found to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Ubiquinol (take one, twice daily), acetyl-l-carnitine (take one, twice daily), and nicotinamide riboside** (take one, twice daily) are a trio of nutrients that support energy metabolism in the mitochondria of brain cells.

Like those in CORE supplement Methyl CPG, the B vitamins in Allithiamine (take one, twice daily) also lower homocysteine and boost brain metabolism.

**My favorite source of nicotinamide riboside is Niacel 250 by Thorne, currently unavailable via Fullscript. You can order Niacel 250 directly through my office. Email for details on how to place your order.   

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