The Deceit Behind Generic-Drug Manufacturing, Part 1


Few realize that generic (copy-cat) drugs comprise nearly 90% of the drug supply in the U.S.; they seem like a reasonable, cost-effective alternative to astronomically-priced brand name drugs, but generics are often made under poorly-regulated conditions in India and China. And even if you take brand name drugs, their ingredients are likely to originate overseas. Virtually all antibiotics taken in the U.S. are made offshore. In "Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom," investigative journalist Katherine Eban blows the lid off the generic drug industry. How did we become so dependent on foreign manufacturers? How do unscrupulous non-U.S. companies cut corners on quality? What tricks do they employ to deceive inspectors? How can drug adulteration literally threaten your life? What’s the government doing about it? She offers advice to consumers on her website Click HERE for part 2.

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