Natural Therapies for Heart Failure, Part 1


Dr. Peter Langsjoen and his late father Dr. Per Langsjoen are acknowledged to be the pioneers of the clinical application of CoQ10 and ubiquinol in heart disease. Dr. Langsjoen is a practicing cardiologist who has written numerous papers on reversing congestive heart failure with CoQ10 and ubiquinol. The key to their action lies with the mitochondria, the ubiquitous powerhouses of the cells. He theorizes that the universal adoption of statins in cardiology has spawned an epidemic of heart failure, which is on the rise, in part because statins interfere with the synthesis of CoQ10. Claiming never to prescribe statins to his patients, he recently co-authored a controversial paper highlighting their risks. He reveals some surprising facts about the supply chain for most commercially-available CoQ10. Is ubiquinol preferable to CoQ10? What’s an effective dose for heart failure patients? What about ordinary healthy seniors who want to optimize their energy and performance? How is it best taken? Can it benefit athletes? What about for neurodegenerative conditions? Can measuring CoQ10 levels provide guidance toward optimal dosing? Click HERE for part 2.

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