Homeopathy Under Attack, Part 1


Homeopathic educator Dana Ullman, M.P.H., C.C.H., founder and director of Homeopathic Educational Services (www.homeopathic.com) weighs in on the current controversies surrounding homeopathy. Britain’s National Health Service has suspended payments to homeopathic MDs, and the FDA is proposing new regulations for homeopathic products. Concerns have been raised over possible toxicity of homeopathic teething remedies. Is it true that the FDA is threatening to outlaw homeopathy? How does homeopathy work when classic physics tells us that there is very little material substance in homeopathic remedies? Why do patients receiving homeopathic treatments undergo “healing crises”? Are the infinitesimal amounts of powerful ingredients like belladonna and arsenic in homeopathic remedies potentially dangerous? What scientific proof exists that homeopathy benefits extend beyond a placebo effect? Why is it difficult to perform research on homeopathy? Click HERE for part 2.

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