An All-Natural Approach to Upper Respiratory and Oral Care Health, Part 1


Xlear Nasal Spray with xylitol is a natural solution and alternative to the over-the-counter medicated nasal sprays that you find in stores today. It is the preferred course of action for most physicians and their patients looking to alleviate congestion from colds, flu, allergies, and sinus problems. And Xlear's Spry line of oral care products with xylitol has thousands of clinical studies showing xylitol’s effectiveness in creating an unfriendly environment for bacteria in the mouth and helping to reduce the risk of tooth decay and other oral health issues naturally. With 90% of the viral load from COVID-19 apparently being in the upper airway, Nate Jones, founder of Xlear, Inc., postulates that having an airway that is clean, hydrated and functioning properly could be a helpful defense against the virus. Click HERE for part 2.

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