“Am I Dying?!” Part 1


"Am I Dying?! (Should You Chill Out or Freak Out?)." We interview Christopher Kelly, MD, co-author of this great practical guide to common complaints (Wish I’d thought of that catchy title!). In this age of information overload, fostered by the Internet, “cyberchondria” is stoked by dire on-line recitations of possible outcomes of common complaints: “Is that new mole melanoma?” “Why can’t the doctors figure out why I’m suddenly losing weight?” “Is my forgetfulness a portent of Alzheimer’s?” “Do my swollen ankles mean I’m headed for heart failure?” “Why am I breathless while on a ski vacation?” “Will my slight hand tremor morph into full-blown Parkinson’s Disease?” Dr. Kelly attempts to strike a common-sense balance between appropriate vigilance and gentle reassurance. As a recent graduate of a demanding medical fellowship, he also addresses the epidemic of physician burnout. Click HERE for part 2.

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