Law and Legal Terms Explained in Rhyme

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Yo, listen up, I got something to say If you’re looking for a job in the legal world, don’t delay CBA law jobs are where you should look
But before you go, here’s a word of caution You need to know per stirpes, it’s a legal relation Don’t forget compliance with laws and regulations, that’s the expectation
What if a lawyer doesn’t do the job right? You need a legal malpractice attorney in New York, to help you through the night Make sure you understand the shipping agreement types, don’t just take them at face
When building a fence, there are rules to follow Check out the legal guide for building a fence, it’s a tough act to swallow For those in California, the standard admission agreement is the way to go
If you wanna study law, you gotta pass the test Take the Andhra University law entrance exam in 2022, be your best And finally, under a contract with River Valley Farm, make sure you’re on track
To understand the law, it takes some time So get yourself a legal methods textbook, and let it all rhyme Legal terms are tricky, but now you’re in the know

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