ENCORE: Methylation — A Nutrition Revolution, Part 1


Methylation—everything you ever wanted to know. Dr. Kara Fitzgerald discusses one of the least-understood and most controversial topics that promises to revolutionize the field of nutrition. Methylation is a ubiquitous process that turns on, or turns off DNA expression, regulates the synthesis of many essential substances within the body, and breaks down hormones, medications, and toxins. It strongly influences epigenetics—the process by which the environment shapes the expression of genes. What are the limits of genetic testing for shedding light on methylation status? Do all patients with “methylation defects” according to genetic tests (like MTHFR) require mega-dosing of B vitamins? Can there be too much of a good thing when it comes to methylation? What natural substances act as “methylation adaptogens,” keeping methylation within an optimal, safe range? How do you go about testing for methylation efficiency? What nutrients besides B vitamins promote methylation? Does a normal homocysteine always indicate optimal methylation? Can lifestyle factors—diet, stress, and exercise—influence methylation? What medications and toxins impair methylation? Which health conditions call for methylation status evaluation? Learn why Dr. Fitzgerald emphasizes a “Methylation Diet and Lifestyle” by downloading her E-book with that title at www.drKaraFitzgerald.com and use the code “Intelligent10” to obtain a special discount for Intelligent Medicine listeners. Click HERE for part 2.

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