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Tuesday and Wednesday, 9AM to 5PM

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hoffmanlogo_smDr. Hoffman’s medical practice is the embodiment of Intelligent Medicine. Conveniently located on Madison Avenue in a shopping district near the southeast corner of Central Park, it’s a virtual living laboratory for the healing principles set forth in Dr. Hoffman’s radio show, podcasts, articles, lectures, and books. For over 30 years, patients with a wide gamut of challenging medical problems have achieved remarkable recoveries using the best of natural medicine, judiciously combined with high-tech innovations. Breakthroughs are often achieved even after patients have consulted a myriad of mainstream specialists and holistic practitioners. Key modalities include lifestyle modification, customized diets, detoxification, oral and intravenous supplementation, and custom-compounded bio-identical hormones.

Dr. Hoffman prides himself on his approach to wellness, emphasizing precise nutritional and metabolic assessment tools, culminating in a program that will maximize your well-being and lifespan potential.

At your first visit you will meet with Dr. Hoffman for a consultation and a physical examination. He will take an extensive history and review any tests that you bring to the visit, and order the tests that he will need to develop your treatment plan. Patients also visit with nutritionist Leyla Muedin RD, MS, for a complete diet assessment. Upon completion of your tests, you will return to the office for an extensive results visit to formulate your therapeutic program. A pathway is also available for economical, independent consultation with Leyla for advice about diet and supplements—you need not be a medical patient to avail yourself of her services.

  • Welcome to the Dr. Hoffman's practice – you're about to transform your health!
  • Dr. Hoffman in heavy "listening mode."
  • Nutritionist Leyla Muedin.
  • These days, computers make it easy to check patients' latest lab results.
  • Dr. Hoffman confabbing with our Nutritionist, Leyla Muedin, RD, MS.
  • Dr. Hoffman personally selects the highest quality nutritional products for our Fullscript Supplement Dispensary – here with Grimaldy Vargas, Supplement Manager.



“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hoffman’s and if not for him we probably wouldn’t have our first born or probably be married at this time. He is now a straight A fifth grade student and a star soccer player! Our journey started 12 years ago when we were handed an adoption card saying this is our only chance. We took the train from DC to NY on the advice of a friend. Thanks to Dr. Hoffman we now have two beautiful children!!! Dr. Hoffman is soooo far in front of the usual medical profession that’s hard to comprehend.”

“Perhaps the best medical diagnostician in New York City. Professional and caring as well. Excellent choice for those seeking a holistic/alternative physician who also uses traditional medicine to help his patients.”

“I think Dr. Hoffman is excellent. I was very sick, had no idea what was wrong with me. Tired, exhausted really, aches, pains, swollen joints. I had gone to many doctors for 2 years. All put me on a rx and referred me to another specialist. I was told had arthritis, fibromyalgia, many different things, none right. Dr. Hoffman spent more time with me than any doctor I had seen. Very quickly he told me I most likely had Gluten Allergy. He did tests to confirm this and rule out other diseases. Gave me nutrition advice and vitamins. I feel wonderful and owe it all to him. I never felt like he was making me buy anything. I highly recommend him. If you don’t have your health you have nothing and I owe mine to him. No prescriptions, just nutrition and vitamins.”

“I am often too busy lately to comment individually, but I want to let you know your podcasts and Saturday show have been OUTSTANDING! SO informative. I deeply appreciate your combing through the research and making recommendations, suggestions etc based on SCIENCE instead of the politically correct health view at the moment. I am impressed that you are willing to modify your views as we learn more about different aspects of nutrition and the body – instead of becoming hardened into a position a la Ancel Keys and others. I continue to recommend your podcasts to numerous people who are not being helped as they should be by the mainstream medical community.”

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