Leyla Weighs In: Eating right while cozy at home


| By Leyla Muedin MS, RD, CDN

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Leyla Weighs In: Eating right while cozy at home

A big obstacle to eating right is all the goodies available—often, right in your own kitchen. When that box of cookies or stash of candy bars is calling you from the cupboard, it can be difficult to resist—especially now that we’re all at home. But for many, not having those treats around or at least not within view is enough to turn down the dial on temptation, leaving far less need for distraction. That’s why I’m always advising clients to first clean out the cupboards and larder when changing their diet. This little chore can ensure the best chance for compliance in eating healthfully.

Since you’re home now, taking inventory of the pantry is easy enough to do. However, if there are other family members living with you such as your grown children and spouse who may not be up to the task, you have to negotiate. A good strategy for reducing temptation is to place all sweets and treats in a particular cupboard that you designate as off-limits to you. In other words, any time you’re in the kitchen you must deliberately ignore that cupboard. Put your blinders on. If temptation is too great, employ your inner Yogi (a topic for a future newsletter!). Needless to say, your family should be supportive of your efforts by making sure their treats aren’t left lying around in full view.

And by NO MEANS should you be shopping for unhealthy foods for them. Remember, your grown kids and spouse can purchase their own treats. Better yet, they can keep it outside altogether by buying just a single serving should cravings strike.

But don’t wait until you decide to eat better to clean out and inventory your pantry. A good uncluttering at home helps de-clutter your mind and improve your mood. And purging your cupboards regularly will keep you from using old, expired goods which should never be used, safeguarding your family from possible mold, bacteria and other food-borne pathogens.

To your health!

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